Oren Kraus “Oren

Oren Kraus

PhD Candidate
Probabilistic and Statistical Inference Group
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto
40 St. George Street, BA4159
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 2E4

I'm a PhD candidate in Brendan Frey's PSI group. My research focuses on applying cutting edge machine learning techniques (specifically deep learning) to high throughput microscopy screens of cell biology. In collaboration with Charlie Boone and Brenda Andrews at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR), I am generating datasets and training models with millions of individual cell objects from genome wide screens in Yeast. Currently I am developing models to predict protein localization and cell cycle stage, as well as unsupervised models to identify morphological outliers and discover novel subcellular phenotypes. I received my BASc and MASc in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto.




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